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The future is changing and so is the way we look at cars. Here’s how to give your car a job.

Posted 3 month(s) ago

Anyone who says cars are just designed to take you from Point A to Point B clearly hasn’t taken advantage of their car’s amenities. 

Cars can be karaoke studios, nap areas, and dining rooms.

In the summer, they are an oasis from the heat, and in the winter, they’re a roaring fireplace.

During the pandemic, they were mini sanctuaries from crowded living situations.

And now, post-pandemic, they can be your newest income source.

How Cars Became America’s “Bonus Room”

During the pandemic, many used their cars as quiet refuges.

A place to quietly watch TV on their phones, take a ZOOM meeting, or just crash for an afternoon nap. 

In a TrueCar study of 2,000 Americans who lease or own a vehicle:

  • 73% stated they used their car to get some space from the people they live with.
  • 37% used their car to transport home renovation materials
  • 32% turned the driver’s seat into a mini office.

What does this tell us? That we change our behavior based on our changing needs.

And if people can use their cars as mini hotels and offices, why not use them to supplement your income? 

A Parked Car (You Don’t Need) or Extra Income?

While you may have never considered car sharing before, times are changing and in order to keep up, we must change with them. 

To start, a single income is no longer as sustainable as it once was.

Where before salary kept up with inflation, today, that is no longer the case, particularly for the middle class.

Secondly, you may not even need your car as much.

If you’re one of 71% of Americans who is working part-time or full-time from home, your car is even more available than it was before.

And if you’re still coming into the office, just consider this: the average car sits parked 95% of the time.

So, you’ll have an easier time doing without your car for a few hours or days than you may think.

Additionally, there is more demand than ever before for car rentals.

Those living in cities who don’t find it practical to own a car, those traveling from far-off places, and those searching for a unique car for a special occasion are all in search of affordable, on-demand transportation.

That’s where you come in.

Put Your Income in Drive

Whenever you’re ready to start car sharing, pick up your phone and download the carSHAiR app.

The app will lead you through the necessary steps from vehicle registration to insurance coverage selection to trip requests.

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