Host Payouts


How much income can I earn?
Depending on which carSHAiR coverage package you choose or whether you choose to insure yourself, you can earn between 65-95% of the daily rate whenever your vehicle is booked!

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How do I get paid?

When you post your vehicle you will be prompted to enter the required banking information: routing number and account number, social security number, and EIN if it is a business for tax purposes. carSHAiR is not able to access this information; we use a third party who will be in charge of facilitating your payments.

How often will I get paid?

Your earnings will be paid out to you 3-5 business days after the trip is completed. When a Renter returns your vehicle, you are required to complete the check-out process within the platform. If you do not complete the check-out process, you will not be paid because your trip will remain under ongoing status. For trips that are longer than 1 week, you will be paid each week for the entire time your vehicle is booked.


  • A Renter booked your vehicle for Monday through Wednesday for $500. Once your vehicle has been returned and you complete the check-out process, you will be paid 3-5 business days thereafter.

  • In the same week, a new Renter booked your vehicle on Thursday through Monday for $1000. After your vehicle has been returned, you will also be paid 3-5 business days after that completed trip.

Can I choose my daily rate or does carSHAiR set the price?

All Hosts may choose their daily rate so long as the vehicle is listed for a minimum of $50/day. If your vehicle is valued at more than $135,000, your rate must be at least $150/day. 

Can I offer hourly trips?
Soon, Hosts will be able to offer hourly rates. Currently, trips are calculated in 24-hour increments—in other words, based on a daily rate. You can also offer discounts for longer trips to incentivize Renters to keep the vehicle longer. We also provide a carSHAiR Car Calculator so you can calculate recommended rates for your vehicle(s). We provide this tool for your benefit, but you are not required to use it when setting your rates.

How can I better market my vehicle(s)?
We are constantly driving traffic towards the carSHAiR app and website. We also encourage Renters to leave reviews on Hosts’ cars and handle any questions that potential Renters may have. To help us better market you, we just ask that you take clear and enticing photos of your vehicle(s) and provide an engaging description of what potential Renters can do with your vehicle(s).

Pro Tip: Tag @shair.co_ on social media to attract more renters to your vehicle! 

What is the time commitment like for a Host?
Setting up your profile takes approximately 10 minutes and our Hosts report that they spend about 2 minutes per booking. Beyond that, it’s up to you. Using carSHAiR allows you to set your own schedule and approve trips on the days that work best for you. Want your vehicle for the weekends? No problem! Just block weekends off on your calendar in the app. You can also get the most out of carSHAiR by listing multiple vehicles on the platform.

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