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Security Deposit Policy

Last Updated: April 14th, 2021

Drivers will be responsible for providing a security deposit on all trips regardless if a Driver has had a successful trip previously. The security deposit will automatically be applied when a User selects “Book Now” and the deposit will only be applied to the Driver’s card as a hold.

This security deposit will be held and will be returned once a Driver has completed a successful* trip.
Daily RateUltimateMinimum PlusMinimum
Driver <= $25$250$500$750
Driver > $25$250$500$750
Driver > $40$250$500$750
Driver > $75$250$500$750
Driver > $150$250$500$750
Driver > $240$750$1000$1500

*A successful trip means that the car has been returned to the Host in the same condition it was shared with the Driver. A successful trip also means there are no requests for reimbursements and that no claims have been made.